Our Team

Stephen Fonsworth Photo of  Stephen  Fonsworth

My name is Stephen Fonsworth: a father, salesman, and dedicated community member. I currently work for a non-profit program for Ceres Unified School District, which I am a product of. As the Intramural Sports Coordinator for the After School Education and Safety Program, I communicate and assign various duties to both district staff and community members. I organize intramural activities at and between school sites, providing student athletes the opportunity to participate in physical activity and friendly competition. This includes scheduling of games, reserving facilities, arranging transportation to and from events, and providing safe and necessary equipment, all free of charge to participating students.
After having my beautiful daughter, I was inspired to be a positive role model in pursuing my dream and life-long passion of real estate. Working in this field, I can help to build healthy and safe communities that will nurture the creativity and potential of the community members. This is the legacy I hope to leave her, by pursuing my passion and making a positive impact on the community that helped raise me.